Policy and commitment to Quality, Safety, and Environment

        DHF is aware of its responsibilities towards its customers, the environment and safety in its road transport, maintenance and logistics activities.
        Its management, anxious to make the activity progress in a sustainable development framework, undertook, at the end of 2010, to setup a management system that integrates quality, safety and environment issues.
        This commitment resulted in the company's certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001 standards on March 29, 2013.

DHF QSE policy is based on the following areas:
  • Ensure and develop durability and brand image of our company;
  • Develop and improve the satisfaction of our customers regarding the reliability and quality of our services;
  • Respect and apply regulations in force and other requirements applicable to our activity;
  • Continuously improve our growth-oriented performances;
  • Prevent environmental impacts and risks related to employee safety ;
  • Ensure social harmony for optimal mobilization of our human resources.
DHF is also committed to:
  • Optimize operating resources through continuous improvement of contract review, strategic planning, and road transport operations;
  • Ensure the maintenance of all equipment and installations;
  • Choose approved specialists for the treatment of hydrocarbon, metal and other waste;
  • Qualify our suppliers on the basis of quality (compliance with applicable regulations, return rate, environmental and safety performance) of proposed services or goods;
  • Ensure skill maintenance of our staff by improving the level of training;
  • Promote consultation and employee participation in continuous improvement;
  • Monitor our water and energy consumptions;
  • Ensure the quality of our emissions and discharges;
  • Review our goals annually;
  • Maintain our certifications to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (previously OSHAS 18001).